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Photo Kiney Bailes. Jim Bickerton, Dave Eppy, Simon Bailes. The Fox, Willian, Boxing Day 2021.

Our main contact is the Bagman, who does the job of secretary of the side. Contact him about booking us for fetes or other display opportunities. In the past we’ve danced at weddings, birthdays, twin-town meetings, on cross-channel ferries (!) and at ceilidhs.

We charge a fee for displays to cover our various costs during the year: our rehearsal hall for the winter, kit items, publicity expenses etc, and if we have money over at the end of the year we donate to local charities, such as Letchworth’s Garden House Hospice.

If you’re thinking of booking us for a summer fete or similar event, think well ahead – we have generally finalised our programme for the year by the end of March, and published it by mid-April ready for our traditional start on May 1st. Ideally you need to contact us at any time from October to March, the earlier the better. Phoning up two weeks before an event in mid-summer is generally pointless.

None of the men are paid to appear, nobody gets any expenses, and some will drive over 30 miles to a fete, and 30 miles home – for the pure pleasure of dancing and playing for the morris!

Bagman: Andrew Harper
Email: harperandrew937[at]
Tel: 01462 440 683

Address: 42, Bessemer Close, Hitchin SG5 1AG

If emailing replace the [at] with the @ sign – we publish the addresses in this format to stop spam.

The other officers are the Squire and Chancellor. If you have problems contacting the Bagman, they can take messages.

Chancellor: Alan Creamer
Email: alan[at]
Tel: 07946 439 095

Squire: Simon Bailes
Email: simonbailes67[at]
Tel: 01767 310424