Programme 2021

Morris is a very sociable pastime, and there are many other events which we attend or organise with other morris sides – men’s, women’s and mixed. These occur throughout the year, and include teaching weekends for a specific style of dance, get-togethers with other sides for evenings of dancing, beer and food, and national and international events over weekends with tours of local pubs, displays in town and city centres and formal feasts.


The Squire’s birthday celebration, Great Wymondley, 2018

We’re re-starting pub nights – finally! – after two summers off, but can only fit in a couple before the evenings are too dark:

Thursday 12th August, 19:30:  Garden City Brewery, The Wynd, Letchworth SG6 3EN
Thursday 19th August, 19:30: White Hart, Mill Lane, Campton SG17 5NX

Saturday 11th September, afternoon: Potton Show